3D Additive Manufacturing in Drones & Aerospace

The application of 3D printing technology in the aerospace field is becoming more and more widespread: Airbus has used 3D printing technology to produce more than 1,000 aircraft parts, and the domestic large aircraft C919 has also achieved design and trial production through the application of a large amount of 3D printing technology.

The aerospace and aviation industry embodies the pinnacle of human technological achievement, and its progress is a direct reflection of modern technological advancements. As a new manufacturing approach, additive manufacturing (3D printing) brings exceptional technical advantages and significant economic benefits to this field. With over TWO decades of 3D printing expertise, JHMIM 3D has played a vital role in expanding the application of additive manufacturing in aerospace. We aim to be your invaluable partner in advancing your additive manufacturing initiatives within this dynamic sector.

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3D printing materials commonly used in the aviation field

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Materials suitable for flight include thermoplastic engineering plastics, nylon 12FRHelp, metal powder (including titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc.). meeting the stringent requirements for metallographic and mechanical properties set by aircraft engine manufacturers. Our portfolio includes:

titanium powder

Among them, titanium alloy is one of the most commonly used materials for 3D printing in the aerospace industry because it combines the lightness of aluminum with the strength of steel.

The development of 3D printing in the aviation field

While the aviation field needs to continuously reduce the weight of various parts, it also needs to improve the strength of the parts and materials to improve flight fuel efficiency and meet safety and reliability requirements. 3D printing technology in the aviation field not only can be used as a rapid prototyping technology to save money and time, but also can directly manufacture parts and perform repairs.

3D printing drone field

The application of 3D printing in the field of drones has significant advantages, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

3d printing drone
Titanium 3D printing drone

Commercial aircraft field

Currently, many key components of commercial aircraft are produced using 3D printing technology. For example: engine injectors, nose titanium alloy main windshield integral window frame, central flange strip, hatch door complex parts, etc.

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Titanium 3D Printed projects in aviation

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Titanium alloy parts are developing rapidly in the field of 3D printing. The use of metal powder SLM equipment to directly print and manufacture titanium alloy parts solves the creative problems of small batches and customization in aerospace and other fields, because it can process materials that are difficult to process with traditional methods. Even more complex parts cannot be processed, so it has unparalleled advantages in directly printing and producing parts.

Using ultra-fine TC4 titanium alloy powder for 3D printing, the product has been successfully used in aerospace and other additive manufacturing fields.The excellent comprehensive mechanical properties of titanium alloy 3D printed finished products can meet the performance requirements of aeroengines.

Aerospace titanium blades

Its high specific strength, light weight and other characteristics provide support for blade weight reduction; the finished products have high thermal stability and oxidation resistance, and can Extend the blade life and inspection interval; at the same time, the parts adopt a hollow structure inside, which allows for a large design space and can achieve more diverse shapes to meet the needs of various scenarios.


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We offer unmatched speed and efficiency in aerospace prototyping and production, providing high-quality manufacturing services tailored to the sector’s specific needs.

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