Titanium (TiAl6V4) Material Guide

Titanium watch case
Introduction to TiAl6V4:

 Titanium TiAl6V4, also called Grade 5 or Ti-6Al-4V, is a titanium alloy celebrated for its strength, lightweight characteristics, and resistance to corrosion. It is created through a 3D printing process where titanium powder is precisely fused using a laser. The final parts feature a matte gray or satin-like finish with a slightly rough texture.

Titanium watch case

Design Guidelines:

Designing for 3D printing with titanium requires attention to detail to ensure optimal results and structural integrity. Here are some key guidelines:

  1. Minimum Wall Thickness:

    • Aim for a minimum wall thickness of 1 mm for robust structural integrity.
    • For high-stress applications, consider increasing this to 2-3 mm.
  2. Minimum Detail Size:

    • Ensure that the smallest feature size is at least 0.25 mm to maintain clarity.
    • Complex textures or fine engravings should also respect this minimum limit.
  3. Overhangs and Supports:

    • Limit overhang angles to 35° or more to reduce the need for support structures.
    • If supports are required, ensure that the design allows for easy removal without damaging the part.
  4. Hollow Structures:

    • Incorporate escape holes for powder removal if your design includes hollow or enclosed spaces.
    • Holes should be at least 3-5 mm in diameter.
  5. Clearance and Interlocking Parts:

    • Leave a gap of at least 0.5 mm between interlocking parts to ensure smooth movement and prevent fusing.
    • Larger assemblies may require a greater clearance based on part size and complexity.
  6. Surface Quality and Finish:

    • Be aware that unpolished titanium parts have a matte gray finish.
    • If a smoother finish is desired, post-processing like polishing or bead blasting can help.
  7. Design Complexity:

    • Take advantage of 3D printing’s freedom to create complex shapes, such as lattice structures or organic forms.
    • Consider topology optimization to reduce weight while maintaining strength.
  8. Build Size Limits:

    • Design within the build volume of the 3D printer, which typically ranges up to 250 x 250 x 250 mm.
    • Larger designs may need to be printed in multiple parts and assembled afterward.
  9. Heat Treatment and Stress Relief:

    • Post-print heat treatment may be necessary to relieve stress and enhance material properties.
    • Consider this during the design phase, especially for high-performance applications.

Pricing Information: Pricing is based on several factors:

  1. Material Volume: The total material required for the model in mm³.
  2. Bounding Box Volume: The space the model occupies in the printer.
  3. Surface Area: Larger surface areas may increase costs.
  4. Finish: Additional finishing steps will affect the price.


A minimum price applies per ordered piece, but the cost per unit decreases with larger orders.


TiAl6V4 is used in various industries due to its strength, corrosion resistance and lightweight properties.
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Technology Overview:

  • Metal 3D Printing: Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and Select Laser Melting (SLM) use a high-powered laser to fuse layers of titanium powder into solid shapes. Supports are added automatically and manually removed after printing.

Key Considerations:

• Hypoallergenic Properties

Titanium is suitable for jewelry, especially for people with metal allergies or sensitive skin.

• Design Flexibility:

The technology allows for the production of intricate designs that traditional methods cannot replicate.

• Surface Quality:

Support structures may leave minor marks, and overhangs below 35° might appear less defined.

• Ideal Shapes:

  • Mesh-like designs typically yield the best results.

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